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Corrosion Block is developed and manufactured by Lear Chemical Research Corporation in Canada and has been commercially available since 1990.

The company originally developed (and still produce) ACF-50 in the 1970s that achieved US Military Specification Certification and is used extensively by the US Military in their aviation maintenance operations on their aircraft.

Corrosion Block was later developed to specifically stand up to the harsh marine conditions and coastal corrosive environments that industrial, mining, marine and the recreational user face when living and/or operating at or near the coast.

corrosion block

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This new technology high performance, multipurpose grease from Corrosion Block strongly resists salt water and contains a unique non-clay based thickening system. This powerful grease is compatible with most other greases, making change overs much simpler.

Corrosion Block Grease outperforms lithium and most synthetic greases and meets or exceeds requirements for NLGI Service Classification GC-LB (automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricants), which is based on ASTM D4950 performance requirements.


These unique features make Corrosion Block Grease a highly versatile and well loved grease across the world and sees it being used by the commercial and public sectors, with high levels of satisfaction and trust.


Corrosion Block’s hard working anti-corrosion chemistry protects your fleet assets against the destructive forces of moisture and salt. Corrosion Block’s unique properties work especially well on all electrical components including the LED lighting, and GPS systems found in today’s trucks. Treating wire harnesses, connectors, battery posts, and other components a few times a year will prevent costly down time increasing productivity and profitability.

Winches, Pulleys, Battery terminals, Trailer hitch, bearings, rollers & casters, Trim tabs, Inboard/ Outboard drives, Turnbuckles, Sea cocks,Y valves, Windlasses, Canvas snaps & zippers, Auto pilot mechanisms, Locks, Davits, Prop shafts, Fishing reels & guides, Hinges, Light sockets, Steering mechanisms, Electric motors & connectors, Throttle linkages & shift controls, Roller furling gear, Sail track, Gear box’s, Blocks & cam cleats.


Corrosion Block Grease will keep its original consistency/viscosity, won’t wash out, separate or cake and remains active against corrosion for up to 12 months. Corrosion Block Grease is suitable for high speed bearings, as well as sealed for life bearings and is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable and Non-Conductive.

Information booklet

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Reelfast is a unique corrosion prevention product developed by the corrosion prevention specialists Corrosion Block, specifically for fishing gear. Reelfast penetrates and lubricates all critical reel bearings and gear mechanisms with new “Super Slip” technology. Its unique chemistry displaces saltwater and prevents corrosion forming on your fishing gear.
Reelfast can be used to keep your new reel free from corrosion, feeling new and can be used to loosen up an old reel, suffering from corrosion (within allowable limits).
Using Reelfast and Corrosion Block on your reels, drags and rollers will help keep your fishing equipment free from corrosion and also help improve its functioning, resulting in longer casts and improved operation, even under severe salt spray conditions while fishing in the ocean. Reelfast also helps reduce the heat build-up in reels and is safe for use on mono, as well as braided line.
Reelfast was designed for saltwater reels, but also works exceptionally on fresh water reels and keeps it running smoothly. Reelfast helps reduce salt build-up and will keep you fishing for longer, as your maintenance becomes much less of a hassle while out fishing.

corrosion block

Product Safety Data Sheets

All product MSDS can be viewed here in PDF and downloaded, should you require any additional information please contact info@corrosionblock.co.za or +27 (0)21 981 0342 or on +27 (0)72 684 6983 and we will gladly assist in getting you the information required

corrosion block

Product Information & Certifications

corrosion block

Product Information & Certifications